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One of the aims of Safeducate is to promote the cause & awareness about Supply Chain Management and Logistics in India. And what better place to start with than the place of origin of all Talent. Universities/Institutes and Colleges play a great role in attracting and shaping the future talent force. Safeducate partners with various esteemed Universities and Colleges to promote SCM & Logistics education among students, researchers and faculty.

Key challenges faced by the Industry& Academia:

  • Practical training facilities and plan
  • Support in Industry relevant curriculum design
  • Low awareness among students leading to far & few admissions in SCM specialization courses
  • Low number of students available for hiring who are SCM & Logistics specialists
  • The available curriculum is highly theoretical in nature and doesn’t capture the actual nature of the operations
  • Academia-Industry interaction & thoughts exchange on the subject
  • Huge gap between Demand & Supply. SCM & Logistics talent requirement is huge but the certified students are far & few
  • Also, quality of SCM & Logistics education provided to students


Safeducate has created, after years of testing & practice, specific solutions to address the above mentioned challenges concerning the industry. Through Long-term, Short-term, workshop type Certification programs, and other modes, Safeducate partners with the Academia in combating these challenges to create future Supply Chain experts & Logisticians. The best part of this engagement is when both the Academia and the Industry is brought together to identify, train and certify the future talent based on the current trends & practices in the domain.


Long-term Certification Courses
Long-term certifications programs, with a minimum duration of 1 year, are designed, and are run either as a stand alone course or in an integrated format with existing courses to holistically train & certify students on all aspects of SCM & Logistics. Is very well supported by Placement opportunities with the leading companies in the SCM & Logistics field
Short-term Certification Courses
Designed and run in a similar format like that of Long-term programs, but are short in duration, between 15 days-3 months, to cater to the immediate need for express & quality certification on the subject. Is very well supported by Placement opportunities with the leading companies in the SCM & Logistics field
Workshops: Student Development, Faculty Development & Management Development
Very short in duration, 1-15 Days, focussing on quality sessions on one or two topics/areas leading to assessment based Certifcations. This is both Orientation based workshops and Expert based workshop on the identified topics/areas.
Curriculum Design & Content Development
Outcome based courses & programs are designed by highly experienced Instructional Designers & Subject Matter Experts based on primary & secondary research on stated/explored training needs. Great care is given to maintain the 30:70 rule (30% theoretical in nature and 70% practical in nature)
Joint Research & Development
Safeducate partners with the students and faculty to conduct in-depth exploratory research in the domain to provide better inputs to all stakeholders. The same is published & shared through research based papers in national & international forums
Digital Learning Programs
For better convenience and additional support & learning, Safeducate provides digital learning programs on various subjects & topics. The basic programs are available online free of cost and the advanced pograms are available at a nominal fee. The same is managed through a world-class online platform called

Key Highlights

  • Industry experienced Subject Matter Experts as Faculty
  • Constant connect with the Industry allows better content alignment, expectations alignment and placement opportunities
  • Mandatory practical training of 70% of the course duration leading to in-depth understanding of actual & latest operations
  • Practical training & Internship opportunities with the leading companies for better exposure
  • Curriculum design & Facilitation team has experts from IITs and NITs
  • Constant engagement activities with the Industry through seminars, conference invitations and sessions by practicing managers
  • Unlimited access to the latest cases & content for better learning and exposure

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