In this sea of entrepreneurs, it is difficult to create a mark for yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging job; you need to be prepared for all kinds of hurdles, scenarios, and roadblocks and so on to be making a niche for yourself.

We have curated a list of different kinds of entrepreneurs who have a specific motive and objective in their minds and work towards achieving those goals.

Do you want to change the world?
* Create new trends?
* Grasping every opportunity that comes your way?
* Are you a self-starter?
* Are you a serial entrepreneur?
* Do you want to be an entrepreneur (a wantrepreneur)?

It is important to understand your calling so you can equip yourself with the right set of skills in order to hone your talents. Following is the list of the different kinds of entrepreneurs; you just need to figure out which one you identify the most with. Use this when strategizing about your next move and remember that you might be more than one type. After all, who says a world changer isn’t also a jack-of-all-trades?

1.A Self-Starter!

You love “Diversification”! You are never afraid to explore new adventures or to step in wherever whenever you are needed. You love to juggle both the sides of risk: scary and exciting. For you, rewards come with risks. You love to do things all by yourself, the way you want them to be done simply because you don’t like to work for anyone else.

2.The Trend-Setter!

You are all about creating new trends. As an idea (wo)man, innovation is the most important thing for you. You have a thing for coming up with new ideas or revising the old ones better. For you it’s not about the execution, it is about how you bring in the quotient of novelty in the workings of your ideas. However, that also means you need to delegate, and hire a team to take care of the tasks you don’t personally handle. While you trust your instincts, you also love a lot of research.

3.A Believer of Change!

You love the environment around you, both on a local and global level. Maybe you were a social activist or an environmentalist in the past, and it is very likely you have inkling towards green solutions when in business. You are likely to lead your company in a manner that makes a positive impact in the world. You know the world is changed one person and one company at a time and are committed to living by this rule.

4.The Seeker!

You have the “gift” of identifying the right opportunity and are able to choose the right things at the right place and at the right time. Some people may call you headstrong, but that’s just another way of saying you seek the best opportunities. Like the trendsetter, you also trust your gut while conducting solid research.

5.Serial Entrepreneur

You’re always on a hunt for the next big thing. You can take a lot of stress and brush off past negativities with ease. A brilliant leader, you might struggle with actually learning from your past failures (it’s not automatic). You measure success in being better than the competition and how much money you make. You might jot down your ideas on the back of your hand — or even on a wet napkin.


You are still not an entrepreneur yet! But you are always brimming with rich ideas, but the groundwork still needs to be done. You want to enjoy the self-starter lifestyle and consider yourself an idea person, but you need more motivation to become one of the other five types of real entrepreneurs.

So which one are you?