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Tips to crack your next logistics and supply chain interview

Tips to crack your next logistics and supply chain interview

Ever had those midnight jitters or that spooky little dream where you find yourself in the middle of a cafeteria and people around are laughing at you? That’s how an interview can make you feel sometimes, exposed and unprepared!

Interviews these days can get weirder and trickier as the candidates are completely clueless about what they might come across. Not just limiting this notion to Logistics and Supply Chain Industry, this fact is applicable to every sector and every job you could probably think of!
Well, we are here to hone your understanding on what we know best. So let’s get started and help you with the tips to crack your next interview and make a place for you in our world. Here’s an interview bible for you to rely on!

1.Know where you’re heading

Not knowing the company you’re applying to be like ordering food in Paris from a French Restaurant you know nothing about. Yes that can be a disaster. Surf the internet, use your network and know it all before you hit the apply button.


2.Understand what you’re getting into

Get a thorough understanding of the job description, the skill set required and what is expected off you. Check the duties you will be assigned and ensure they are compatible to your area of expertise and training.

3.Quantify your accomplishments

Know your strengths and the right skill to sell. Do not forget to quantify your accomplishments because after all we logisticians love numbers.

4.Make the call count

If your employer happens to take a telephonic interview, make sure you give it your best. A first impression is the last impression no matter what the mode of communication is.

5.Dress to Impress

When the D-Day has arrived and you have to get into your suit and tie, wear your best and don’t forget the importance of the impression you will be making. Overdressing is always better than underdressing. We learn that from our packaging processes, don’t we?

6.Be the punctual guy

If anybody knows the importance of punctuality, he has to be a logistician. Allow yourself some time to relax before you reach the hot seat. A calm and composed approach never goes out of style. Also you

don’t want to stress over the traffic and other unnecessary things that might pop up.

7.Don’t forget your file and ask right questions

Do not ever forget to carry your file which has your precious documents that are a witness to your capabilities. After all, the word needs to be supported by a proof on a sheet of paper with stamp. Once you have proved yourself, take your chance to ask your questions. An eye for detail is a Logistician’s armour!