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All about planning the logistics of your next vacation

All about planning the logistics of your next vacation

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

(Picture Source: Sejal Kumar’s twitter; Indian Youtuber)

A peculiar thing about traveling is that it can be very volatile: highly unpredictable, it can get. There may be days when you reach the airport hours before your scheduled flight; or you may get delayed by 45 minutes or couple hours due to some silly traffic jam and end up missing your flight.

There can be a lot of similar situations cropping up while one is undertaking a trip; nevertheless, none of the reasons are strong enough to sabotage the motivation and experience one gets each time s/he sets sail to a foreign land.

All about planning the logistics of a trip

The planning process is a bit cumbersome, requiring a series of informed choices to be made, which once taken care of can really help you discover beautiful places without the unnecessary anxieties of resource crunch.

Pre-travel nerves are real and can be annoying, so will be the jetlags and the tight-packed itinerary given by the tour & travel companies. For instance: In a 15-days trip to Europe, the tour and travel companies may take you to 20 countries but how is one expected to see an entire country in less than a day?
Hence, it is always wise to plan the trip on your own.

Keeping in mind the mantra: don’t overdo it, don’t under do it, you can easily plan a trip without breaking the bank.

After selecting your favourite holiday destination, it is always advisable to research on the historic and modern places to visit, treks to do, mountain peaks to climb on, water bodies to surf on, etc based on your area of interests in the chosen city or country.

While traveling in Indian cities domes and temples are a must go places owing to their brilliant architecture and enduring history.

Booking flights: The earlier, the better

Booking flights is more of an art form and one must book the tickets as the dates get decided. The earlier the booking is done, the better deal one gets. Always compare tickets from different websites and it is advisable not to get your tickets done from any agency as they charge you for their service too.

Try taking non-stop flights, or flights with minimal stoppages as a lot of layovers are inconvenient.

Trains can be taken while traveling within the boundaries of India due to the availability of numerous railway networks spreading throughout the length and breadth of India.

Finding a perfect place to stay in the unfamiliar territory

The need for a place to sleep at night in the foreign land is as basic as the need of a flight to get to that place. For a new traveler, it is always good to book a place to stay prior to getting there.

For a solo backpacker, staying in hostels can be cost-efficient and a more fun affair because there one will get to meet new people with which they can plan excursions, and explore the land in a more efficient manner.

Air bee-n-bee is an easy accommodation option if you are planning on staying with your family in a house-like atmosphere. They generally provide apartments, houses or mansions to be rented, partially or entirely, for a short stay. The hosts, basically the owners, can help you a lot in knowing the topography, areas to visit and places to dine in as they are the local inhabitants of the place.

Plan your choicest locations to visit in advance

Download the app “Google MAPS”, so that you can navigate easily with or without internet. As mentioned earlier, a little research would be helpful in deciding what places all you want visit, and hence planning a day would get easier.

Moreover, all the airports have brochures for the visitors enlisting all the major places to visit in the city; it also has a list of tour and traveling companies, in case you need their assistance in your trip.

A little tip on choosing the mode of travel

Never try sticking with a panned itinerary that you have made weeks ago. When you’re on road, plans always change. Moreover in the age of smart phones, figuring nearby areas to explore is not difficult and loosing track of the ways eventually help people in exploring the unexplored.

The advanced network of metro rail in major Indian cities has helped immensely in making commute easier and hassle free; one can also choose from the other available modes like buses, taxis, cabs while traveling

For a foreigner visiting Europe, ubers and taxis are far more expensive than buses and trams.
Hop on hop off buses are the best when it comes to visiting the city.

Similarly, flights in Europe are way cheaper than trains.
At times, you can get a 12 dollar flight ticket to a neighbouring country while you have to pay more while taking a train for the same place.

Planning a trip sans breaking the bank

It is also an important aspect to consider while you are embarking on a trip to your choicest destination. People often cut on their expenses all through the year to make enough money for their dream trip but it’s worth the compromise because life is short and the world is wide.
When it comes to budget planning, one should invest her/his money wisely.

What to do & what not to do:

While traveling in a new city, or a country, there are several things that the backpackers need to keep in mind.
Beware of rogues and pickpockets while traveling
Always carry your valid id and passport, in case of a foreign trip, with you; you never know when you would be required to show it
Always keep your luggage locked while staying in hotels, hostels, or rented houses, you never know who may break into your things in your absence
Never carry a lot of hard cash on you, get a travel forex ( Foreign Exchange) card to make your payments
Traveling with a tour & travel company is more of a stress than a vacation because of their tight itinerary, always try planning your own trip to get a better experience
Never travel without tickets in a bus or train as the penalties are very high
To avoid heavy expenditure on eating, inquire the locals about cheap locations as the restaurants may overcharge the tourists

When you travel, travel like a pro. There is a history everywhere you go.

Make sure you follow these pointers when you travel next; with a little effort and a lot of planning, you can design your trip as per your requirements and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.
Try doing something adventurous because that will help you getting out of your comfort zone. Take bikes, trams, boats, buses to explore the place and be contented in what you saw, what you ate, what you experienced and the people you met because in the end it’s the numerous memories and experiences you take from a place that counts. Once in a while takeout some days from your routine 9 to 5 jobs, embark on a fun adventure trip because jobs only fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.