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Learn from Bollywood how to be a successful business leader!

Learn from Bollywood how to be a successful business leader!

What is the first word that comes to your mind the moment we mention Bollywood?


But in reality Bollywood is a lot more than just Entertainment! It has a lot of threads, which weave a very intricate and a beautiful piece of garment! It has romance, action, adventure, melodrama, songs, dance, glamour, and fame.

But today, we want to share how Bollywood teaches us to be great, innovative and successful business leaders! So here is how Bollywood contains the secret formula of business leadership:

1.Fear of Failure leads to success!

The super learning you can get from Bollywood Industry is never being scared of failure! It’s the part of the whole experience, in Bollywood there is a rollercoaster of hits and flops, and in a business there is a constant cycle of ups and downs. But what matters the most is the lesson you gain from your rollercoasters. No business will grow or no entrepreneur will taste success in continuation. If you learn from your failures and execute your learning in the future, it is then that you become successful.

2.Always know what your audience wants and needs!

Learn the concept of ‘knowing your audience’ from Bollywood.

Every movie is made keeping in mind about the audience that will consume its content. Moviemakers know their target audience well and create the stories according to what will appeal to them. Everything is strategically planned from finalizing the script, to deciding the star cast or choosing the shoot locations. What entrepreneurs can learn is how to avoid the struggle with the right target group. As reaching the wrong target audience may lead to unnecessary expenses.

3.Getting in the role!

The most important lesson for all business entrepreneurs is to always be prepared for all kind of situations that are thrown in their direction. The way Bollywood actors prepare themselves for roles that are given to them, all entrepreneurs need to have similar determination and dedication to the kind of situation they are in. Don’t do things just for the sake of doing it. Prepare yourself for all possible high and low tides. Get inside the skin completely before you enter the arena.

4.Never stop networking!

The most important aspect of staying alive in the Bollywood industry is through ‘Networking’. Bollywood is like a close knit family and it majorly stands strong on networking. It is considered very important to network. A strong network will help you gain knowledge, fetch business opportunities and important lessons. Despite the competition, the entire industry collaborates and produces a phenomenal piece of work again and again.

Many movies have actually been shot to actually showcase the true spirit of leadership, business transactions, entrepreneurship and more. Movies such as Guru, Band Baja Baraat, Rocket Singh, Badmash Company, and more teach us about the art of running a business successfully.