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Are you a good colleague, find out what type of a colleague you are?

Are you a good colleague, find out what type of a colleague you are?

Office is a diverse place as it houses a number of people with varied personalities and multi-dimensional thinking. The 8-hour working routine enables people with differ personality traits to come together and work as a team to accomplish a particular job.

No company would thrive at its best when it has employed a set of similar-minded and similar-skilled people: after all, variety is the spice of life.

Let’s dig a little deeper on the type of colleagues one generally comes across in an office space, and find out the category in which you fit the best.

1.Are you the ‘achiever’ or the ‘Ideal Colleague’ everyone looks up to?

If you are in a habit of finishing all your assignments on time and coming up with overwhelming results each time, you are the one achiever colleague that everyone idealizes in your office. You treat every employee as equal and help them in lifting their spirits and performances too.

Everyone looks up to you as a guide in times of need. A team player and a self-disciplined person, this type of colleague is loved by all.

If you are that colleague, congrats for you are the pole star helping vessels navigate.

2.Are you the procrastinating slacker who always misses the deadline?

If you get distracted very easily by the minor distractions; if you are in a constant habit of pushing deadlines and if it takes you a lot of motivation to get a work done, it’s time for you to mend your ways. If you get discouraged very easily and complain about the tiniest discomfort, trust me you are the one colleague everyone wants to avoid encounters with.

Whining a little less may help you in maintaining good relations with co-workers and as far as deadlines are concerned, they are sacrosanct so avoid pushing them every single time.

3.Do you prefer working in silence and letting your success make the noise?

You are the silent hero; often underestimated as you prefer maintaining a low profile. But when it comes to performance, you never fail your co-workers; you discharge your duties diligently and do not really bother much for the credit.

You are also an achiever; just because you don’t want the focus doesn’t mean your hard work goes unnoticed and unacknowledged by your bosses.
If you are that colleague, please start taking some credit for all the hard work you put in a work. Enjoy the limelight.

4.Are you the one overly engaged in minding others’ business than yours?

If you are often found peeking and peeping on other’s desks taking live updates of co-workers and broadcasting it out to the world, you are the one colleague everybody tries to escape. Not everyone wants other’s attention and time as badly as you want. You may end up landing in everyone’s bad books very soon owing to your abilities of disseminating rumours.

Engage in something constructive, pal. Everyone takes your words with a pinch of salt; you may not like that kind of a treatment with your work too.

5.Are you your boss’s favourite employee?

If you are at a stage where all the plum projects fall straightaway to your lap and promotions are a common scene, trust me you the Boss’s favourite employee. Your art of firmly agreeing and never disagreeing with your boss has fetched you this position.

If you are that colleague, it is always advisable to maintain a suitable distance from all the co-workers as roaming around alone in the office can be a risky affair.

Develop your say and a voice too as flattering bosses will not work in the long run and you may end up being a laughing stock.
Know your worth; and make sure whatever you do, do it right.