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Career in Non-profit: OMG or LOL?

Career in Non-profit: OMG or LOL?

If you are at a stage of major transition in your life– whether you’re moving from school to college, college to job, or making a mid-life shift–now is the perfect time to close the gap between what you do and what matters to you.

It’s time to have more than just a job–do something you truly care about, make a difference in the world, and earn a living in the process. If you feel that this is your calling, then you should consider a compassionate career in a nonprofit, foundation,

non-governmental organization (NGO), social enterprise, or corporate social responsibility program.

But before you head out in that direction, you need to get rid of about non-profits–that they don’t pay, or the career prospects are totally futile.

1.Oh! You are working in non-profit? Must be taking a break from life!

When you choose to work in the nonprofit sector, people simply assume that you are probably taking a break from the “corporate world”. But, in reality, the nonprofit sector provides many people with a lifetime of exciting work. They also tend to offer young people more leadership opportunities, which are very rare in other sectors.

2.Non-profits…what a waste of time and money!

Nonprofit organizations do not have clear profit margins. They are focused towards serving humanity or environment, which makes success and efficiency much more difficult to measure. Not to forget the reality of limited resources and an emphasis on serving clients (often at the cost of organizational maintenance). They are the hardest working bunch that gives up a lot of things in life to make a difference in the world, so clearly they are definitely not a waste of time or money!

3.Non-profits and profits can’t go hand in hand!

Perhaps the word “nonprofit” is misleading, but it surely does not mean that nonprofits cannot and should not profit from the efforts they provide. In order to become a nonprofit, an organization must make their mission to fulfill their specific goals.
They also need to yield profits in order to hire the top talent who can help them in paving the right

path to achieve their objectives. Although the word “profit” is treated as a dirty word, nonprofits shouldn’t back out from exercises that draw in profits, as long as their goals do not get compromised.

4.Non-profits are filled with sloths!

Just as any other sector, every organization has its own distinct culture. So if you ever get a chance to sneak a peek inside a non-profit’s office, you will be shocked to see the level of alertness and proactive attitude. They are always on their toes trying to achieve as much as possible using their pool of limited resources and time. So yes, they are nothing like sloths for sure.

And there are so many more reasons that we can count to prove that working in a non-profit is an experience worth cherishing for life. It not only equips you with leadership skills but also helps you evolve as a person who is ready to take on any challenges that life throws at you.