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Are you bored of training programmes at work? Check out these 5 ways how you can benefit out of them

Are you bored of training programmes at work? Check out these 5 ways how you can benefit out of them

All of us must have been through the painful yet mandatory procedures of dry, tedious and long-drawn induction ceremonies and orientation programmes at schools, colleges and workplaces. A simple tutorial in personality development and teamwork can annoy employees to the core due to its superfluous and repetitive content. Ethics and sexual harassment sessions sound familiar, right?

Trainings are an inseparable part of corporate work style. They help in creating a well-equipped workforce which is capable of keeping up with the latest trends and advancement in technology and consumer behaviour. No matter how boring these training programmes can get, it is always beneficial on the part of the employees to get enrolled in these. Let’s have a look at some of the most common and obvious ways these training benefit the people working in corporate sectors:

1.Induction is one important ceremony to attend

It is a one-time event that formally welcomes the new recruits and introduces them to their team. Through an induction ceremony, the employees get to know about the company’s mission, vision, organizational structure, and key corporate policies.

This programme is necessary for the newbies to get well-acquainted with their team and know their working environment. This ceremony is essential for you in order to gain some traction at your new job.

2.A training in personality development is always desirable

Who doesn’t want an assertive personality, a personality strong enough to influence others; a boosted morale, and an increased level of agility and self-confidence?

Personality development trainings are organized by the companies to produce staff with desirable personality traits, which exhibit better self-control, decision-making capabilities and communicate effectively. Trained people participate more actively in the company’s affairs and give better outputs than before.

3.Technical trainings are a must take

There is always something new to learn: there is always room for improvement, no matter what technical level the employees operate at. Updating yourself with the latest technology is a must these days. Be it a content writer, graphic designer, coder, or a social media manager, the scope of work is ever-increasing and so are the know-how of carrying out these functions.

For instance, a person with a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office version 2016 will be a better candidate for making PowerPoint presentations than the one who knows how to work on MS Office 2007.

So next time when the company engages you in a technical session do not get bored but try taking that session as an opportunity to improve your technical knowledge.

4.Legal training in the corporate sphere is a growing need

No matter how boring it may sound; legal clauses can be really troublesome. Steering clear of the legal hurdles is one of the most important things the companies need to do in order to maintain an organization’s good name.

Keeping various legal clauses in consideration before an agreement can save companies from spending an enormous amount of money as damages or compensation.

A lesson in the need of tax payment and its importance must be imparted among the working class. Federal tax brackets and the system of taxation is also one other aspect that the working people need to get training in order to escape the troubles of tax payments at the eleventh hour.

Cases pertaining to sexual harassment have brought bad names to many respected people lately; everyone is aware of the internet sensation the “ #MeToo movement”.

5.The good old team building exercises are a bliss

Team building exercises at a workplace aims at exposing and resolving interpersonal issues or communication gap existing within the group.

It helps the organization in improving both a team’s objective performance and the team’s co- ordination and interpersonal relations. A conflict-free team participates more readily and performs exceptionally well because the team members are in sync, and not divided by some mutual hatred.

“Secret Santa” is one such fun team game where the team mates surprise their angels with lovely gifts of their choice; an efficient way devised to increase one-on-one interaction among the team members to know each other and their likes in a better manner.

No matter what the nature of training is employees must make the most of every learning opportunity given to them by the company. For a while, it may seem that the monotonous
trainings are designed for the company’s good, but it is always the individual employee who benefits the most out of it.

The companies should opt for a reward-based training programme for their employees because a little competition can go a long way. Moreover, it will encourage people to sign up for and attend training.

It’s time to get a little groomed, why wait? Take these training programmes with great enthusiasm and they will certainly help you in the long run.