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7 traits that prove you are an operational superhero!

7 traits that prove you are an operational superhero!

Operations management is one of the most sought after career options in India. This bold career choice is not only financially rewarding, but also helps to earn recognition in the industry. An operations manager contributes to the organization to a very large extent. In order to work in the capacity of an “operations superhero”, you need to get a management degree in operations. Apart from the educational qualifications, you also need to possess some other superpowers to work in the operations.

If you have the following traits, you are indeed an operations superhero! So read on and get going with saving the world of operations:

1.Are you really good at MULTI-TASKING?

An operations superhero is expected to be the ‘jack of all trades and master of one.’ Multitasking is essential because s/he has to deal with a number of aspects like budget management, vendor management, logistics, inventory management, etc and ofcourse balance the personal life too!

2.Can you do a quick ANALYSIS of the situations at hand?

An analytical mindset is very important for our league of operations superheroes. Additionally, it is also imperative that s/he must have problem solving techniques up his/her sleeve, and must be able to

resolve conflicts internally and even with the external parties.

3.PRESSURE…what’s that?

There are a number of things that an operations manager has to look after. S/he has to adhere to strict deadlines and work to deliver on time. Hence, it is necessary that he works effectively even under pressure based situations.

4.Can spot QUALITY from a distance!

Quality assurance and quality control are the responsibilities of an operations superhero. S/he has to ensure that the quality of the product is as per the expectations of the stakeholders. S/he is also

responsible for new and innovative methods that can improve quality.

5.Are you able to LEAD in the darkest of times?

An operations superhero needs to constantly keep his/her team motivated and be on his toes so that the balance is maintained between the various organizational aspects. An Operations Superhero is expected to be an effective leader and take initiatives because many crucial decisions need to be taken by him/her in the stickiest situations!

6.Are you a SMOOTH TALKER?

Maintaining third party relations is one of the most important aspects of operations management. It requires crisp communication skills to ensure that there is proper flow of information between various stakeholders. Similarly, a good presentation and interpersonal skills are important too, and of course no one can ever say no to a smooth talker!

7.Do you have knack for PROCESS BUILDING?

An Operations Superhero is expected to have adequate knowledge of the business processes and he/she must remain updated with the changing market trends. S/he is expected to adhere to the quality standards of the organization at any given point of time.

So, how many of these traits of an effective operations manager do you possess? If you think you’ve got them all, good for you! And while all of the traits listed above are indeed strong identifiers of an effective operations superhero, there’s a lot more to being a good operations superhero than this. For one, the acknowledgment that there is always room to improve.