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5 Offbeat jobs that will help you make a living without leaving your passion

5 Offbeat jobs that will help you make a living without leaving your passion

Wouldn’t life be much easier when individuals could just do what they love and still make a living out of it?
Ever wondered why Robert Frost decided to walk on the road that was less-traveled? Was he too scared of being called ‘a man who follows the crowd’?

The classic poem “The Road Not Taken” still continues to make a difference in the lives of many individuals who are in a constant pursuit of taking a job that suits their interests. And job hunting, being the toughest of all the tasks, becomes challenging too, if the person tries stepping out of the traditional arrangement and taking up an “off-beat” profession.

We bring to you some career choices that the emerging youths can pursue based on their area of interests, without any fail, or in case of failures, they will have no one to blame, except themselves.

1.Home Baker

You can always please Nell with a cake or a cookie; she has a big sweet tooth. This phrase fits all, no matter big or small as most of the people are fond of desserts. The target market of a baker spans across all genders and age groups. Reaching out to the prospect customers remains a challenge to the new players, as there are already a plethora of stores in the market; however, word of mouth advertising has the highest potential of creating and retaining a loyal consumer base.

One easy way of reaching out to the people at large is through collaboration with event planners: this opportunity can easily help gain the traction of people at large at the same time. Look for meetups and events around you and take up baking assignments: who knows this could be the ‘big break’ you have been waiting for all around the year!!

Baking for fun can become a full-time earning opportunity, and homemakers can become ‘professional bakers’. Isn’t it an exciting venture and worth giving a shot?


It’s not a get rich quick ordeal, but once started right; you have every chance of earning a decent amount of money through blogging. Bloggers primarily create content in the form of blog articles, blog posts, themed pictures, web content related to style, food habits, technology and its applications, etc and present it in front of a target audience to be read and reviewed.

The content of the blogs largely defines the consumer base: a tech enthusiast will be looking at the review of the latest iPhone model, while a blog on yoga postures will be read by a health freak, not necessarily, but most of the time.
While starting his/her career, bloggers need aggressive shout-outs. Talking to experienced people helps a lot to escape from the same problems they have faced in their journey.

An individual can start from a personal blog, but the content of the blogs need to be relevant, and contemporary topics gain more tractions than fictional or clichéd issues.

Once acknowledged by a list of loyal followers, bloggers can easily get chances to place ads on their sites, promote goods and merchandise, and even get a fair share on every purchase made on their code.

Isn’t this a huge accomplishment, in somehow a little less of effort put to maintain a steady flow of content?

Happy Blogging!!

3.Freelance Photographer

Must have heard of Dabbo Ratnanai!! In today’s world, everyone is a photographer. The growing popularity of photography as a full-time profession is mostly due to of the emergence of a plethora of picture sharing websites and apps and: the passion for clicking pictures is something not new, as who has not seen black & white, folded, and tainted pictures of their grandparents kept in some old records.

Pursuing photography as a hobby is indeed very expensive. The amount of precision one needs and the price one has to pay while purchasing a camera, lenses, lights, chroma, etc is fairly high. Despite those, a photographer may have to offer a few free shoots or be a little less paid for putting a larger effort at the beginning of his career.

With a basic idea of photography, you are always eligible to be a freelance photojournalist contributing to various newspapers and news websites for their virtual feeds: initially to gain a name and later fame and place in the competitive market.

Taking up voluntary shooting assignments for a charity, or some social cause can bring you closer to the network of other photographers. Attend a number of auctions and exhibitions in order to stay up-to- date with the latest trends.
Well, a picture tells thousand-word stories, make sure you tell a nice story.


Sharing and caring!! Haven’t we heard of these two words quite a lot while growing up? And yet, it never went out of fashion. How about sharing a portion of your house with a fellow or two, who is a new entrant in the city, or probably starting off with a fresh career, or curriculum? Or what about taking places on rent just to rent it to some other people looking for accommodation?

A good sense of management, responsible nature and courage to handle adverse situations can make you a good candidate for running PGs. Running PGs as a part-time, while being full-time employed in an organization can help you earn a good sum of money without taking much pain.

Reaching out to the prospective customers is too easy now. An individual running a PG can easily tie-up with educational institutions, training schools or offices, to accommodate their candidates in lieu of a fixed percentage of money.

For the optimum utilization of time and space, the hosteller can create two, three or four beds arrangement, and can even provide discounts for early bookings.

So with your space management skills, you can make a lot from a little investment.

5.Tiffin Service Provider

Another emerging profession directly related to hostelling and the hobby of cooking is providing lunch facilities to people staying at these places.

This too requires a little less effort in targeting the prospect customers. The homemakers can easily collaborate with smaller educational institutions, training schools, or even offices for the purpose of providing packed tiffin boxes.

The joy one gets in feeding others is incredible, and so is the happiness on receiving a paycheck for the numerous hours of toil put in the kitchens. After all, who gets paid for cooking, our beloved mothers never got any?!

Happy cooking to all the food enthusiasts!!

Breaking the stereotypes of conventional career choices and moving on to take unusual workspace is the new trend. Be trendy be happy.