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Container art activity at Select City Mall

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Container art activity at Select City Mall

Safeducate partnered with 2016 edition of public art festival, Publica, an art initiative that involves top Indian and international artists creating site-specific works. The event was launched with an objective to promote Sustainable Living and Sustainable Living, Eco-friendly Advice & Alternatives, Environmentally-Mindful Lifestyle. A refurbished truck container was placed at Select City Wall mall in New Delhi, and renowned artist Bhuwal Prasad created art on the container on the “Go Green” theme. A contest was organized on digital marketing to promote more awareness towards Clean and Green Environment.

Divya Jain, Founder & CEO, Safeducate, said, “Trucks are rarely the subject of casual conversation unless of course one voices their many negatives. This extraordinary project, however, seeks to change that. It seeks to capture the beauty and the dreams a mere truck container can evoke leaving the staunchest among us incredulous and, hopefully, believers”.

Giving her opinion on art in public places, Jain says, “More and more organizations around the world have started enhancing the aesthetics of their offices by way of high high-quality art. Art in public places has also seen a sudden surge. The acceptance of art by general public has also increased enormously. That said, we could all do with significantly enhancing our exposure to art”. Jain, who conceptualized the idea of art on a container, is proud of the company’s initiatives of using refurbished containers and putting them to good use. In keeping with this philosophy, the company launched India’s first Container School in 2015 and India’s first Container Library in 2016.